A Letter From Our International President

Dear Friend

There is little need to describe the unprecedented nature of this moment. Daily we are confronted with a non-stop stream of information. Faced with the enormity of this global pandemic, the question in the minds of many around the world is “What can I do?” How can we, as seemingly isolated individuals, effectively respond to the present need? As overwhelming as it may seem, this moment presents us with an opportunity unlike any in human history.

Right now more than one-third of the world’s population is confined to their homes, unable to go to work, or school, or to circulate freely in accustomed ways. There is an expression that “No problem can be solved on the same level at which it was created.” While we wait for the vaccine to be developed and for the treatment regime that can address the COVID-19 virus on its level; while we practice Social Distancing, hand washing, and disinfecting, a great possibility awaits us. Confined to our homes we have the chance to recognize a basic fact: we are all connected at levels that go beyond physical proximity. Although it is a fact fully supported by countless scientific studies, the common sense of it requires no external affirmation. We are all swimming in a shared ocean of consciousness and our every thought and emotion either purify or pollutes it. The power of this moment is in the possibility for us to consciously unite in a Global Field of focused awareness and intention, through a specific event, and as a continuing shared practice.

On April 16 at 2 pm Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) we invite you and your network to join in a Global Silent Five Minutes: 

Coming Together to Heal Our World. The process could not be simpler. Starting at 1:30 pm GMT we will host a brief online introduction followed by the actual 5 Minutes of Silence at exactly 2 pm GMT. This event will be broadcast widely on social media. Join at https://www.facebook.com/events/647264295820301/

After April 16, at a time convenient to you, and following the form of practice comfortable to you (meditation, prayer, quiet time) we invite you to continue to observe five minutes of silence daily. While we recognize that synchronizing the time of our silence adds a profound power, we are also aware that insisting on one specific time for the world’s population is an unrealistic expectation. In the hope of maximizing the number of people simultaneously participating we would suggest doing so at 2 pm GMT, at 8 am (in your own time zone); or at 6 pm (in your own time zone).   (https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

At this point we have a rapidly growing list of individuals and groups around the world supporting the effort. As someone who is an active agent of global change, we would like your participation as part of this growing momentum. There are no obligations or requirements beyond your wholehearted support in shared silence.  

Please share this with your network and on your Facebook and social media pages.

Peace and Blessings
    Tim Boyd
    International President Theosophical Society